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Who is Rick Owens? A Few Things About Rick Owens

Image Source: Fashion Press: Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2023 Men's Collection (https://www.fashion-press.net/news/98707)

If you're a fashion novice looking to explore the world of avant-garde fashion, Rick Owens is a designer you should check out.

Rick Owens is an American fashion designer known for his unique and experimental style.He is based in Paris and has been creating his signature aesthetic for over 20 years.

Rick Owens began his career in the fashion world in the mid-1990s, designing a women's clothing line called "Lillies". In 1994, he launched his eponymous line, which focused on minimalist design and dark, moody colours. Rick Owens' designs quickly became cult favorites and became known for his innovative use of materials and unconventional approach to fashion.

One of the characteristics of Rick Owens' style is his use of asymmetry. His designs are often characterized by uneven hemlines, asymmetrically draped fabrics, and unexpected cuts and shapes. His designs are also known for their sculptural textures, with body-hugging clothing creating interesting shapes and silhouettes.

When styling a Rick Owens design, there are a few key items you'll want to include in your wardrobe. Here are some styling ideas.

■ Tops

Rick Owens is known for his draped tunics and oversized tees. Dark and moody colors such as black and gray, and an asymmetrical hemline are typical of Rick Owens. You can wear it with skinny jeans or leggings, or wear it as a dress.


Leather jackets are a staple of the Rick Owens collection. Black and dark gray jackets feature oversized fits and asymmetrical cuts. These jackets are perfect for layering and can be worn with anything from skinny jeans to draped tunics. For a more dramatic look, try an asymmetric coat from the Rick Owens collection. I especially recommend the originality of the coats. Look for black or gray coats with draped or asymmetrical cuts.


Ankle boots are a Rick Owens-inspired wardrobe essential. Look for boots with black leather and silver hardware for a Rick Owens vibe. For a more casual look, pair your Rick Owens outfit with sneakers. Rick's sneakers are getting more attention now in the sneaker boom, but few people have them. Platform sneakers and high-top sneakers add accents to your feet.

Rick Owens is a designer who has won many fans with his unique and experimental style. His use of asymmetry and sculptural forms sets his designs apart, while his dark and moody color palette lends drama and curiosity to his clothes. To incorporate the Rick Owens aesthetic into your wardrobe, start with draped tunics, oversized tees, leather jackets, ankle boots, and platform sneakers. These items can bring edgy and avant-garde style to your style.

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